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As part of WIP’s Phase II, Gillette College focused on expanding offerings for non-credit training. These ongoing efforts set out to increase the skillsets of current employees and reskilling people looking to change career paths, all while remaining in the same industry. Moving into the Phase III, existing space at Gillette College will be utilized for this endeavor, while equipment purchases will allow the administrators to mobilize the program in anticipation of requests for off-site training opportunities.

The Workforce and Community Development department is also developing, implementing, and overseeing a CDL program. Demand for properly trained CDL drivers in Northeast Wyoming is significant, much as it is across the country. Requests for CDL training from individuals looking to be licensed are received weekly throughout the year. Local high schools are also eager to offer CDL training to students. At present, the only CDL program in Gillette is Mountain West, which has at any given time a 2-3 month waiting list for training courses. The consistent waitlist and the increased requests from individuals and employers for CDL training illustrate the high demand for this program in both Gillette and Wyoming as a whole.

Visit Programs (gillettecollege.org) to see the current offerings and learn more about these programs.