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The Wyoming Innovation Partnership is composed of nine program categories.

Learn more about the components in each program:

Partnership Infrastructure

Partnership Infrastructure includes the base layer of support and technology needed to achieve many of the WIP strategies. It includes project management support, the course sharing program and the virtual reality program. The Course Sharing and Virtual Reality components include collaboration with all 9 of Wyoming’s Higher Education Institutions. 


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Digital Infrastructure and Technology

Digital Infrastructure and Technology includes the School of Computing, FinTech and Blockchain and the Software Development components that are aimed to support multiple areas of education and training needed to provide a highly skilled workforce to meet the growing need of a highly skilled digital economy. The Wyoming Data Hub component will be a central stop for discovering and accessing research data to support education and training, new entrepreneurs and all Wyoming citizens. 


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Wyoming is the largest exporter of energy in the nation and producing the workforce to continue to expand our ability to export power is essential to our state. These programs, including the first powerline technology program, support growing industry across Wyoming and provide for an in—state educational opportunity for locals to remain in Wyoming and fulfill internal workforce needs.


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Entrepreneurship includes Makerspaces, Innovation Workshops and Corporate Engagement and the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Makerspaces provide venues for creative communities, including innovators and entrepreneurs that may not otherwise be available due to many constraints. The Innovation Workshops and Corporate Engagement provides for a comprehensive regional ecosystem to support start-ups and advance existing companies. The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation aims to bring awareness and connectivity to resources for entrepreneurs. It will develop new and streamlined channels for growth and opportunities across Wyoming. 


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The Healthcare component includes a CNA expansion program and an Echocardiography program. Both programs will provide workforce to a much-needed workforce sector for Wyoming. In the past few years, the healthcare workforce has dropped significantly and has left Wyoming with a growing need in this area. 


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Tourism & Hospitality

Tourism and Hospitality includes an Adventure program, a Culinary and Hotel/Restaurant Management program and the WORTH Center. The Adventure program provides students with outdoor leadership training that supports the strong tourism industry across Wyoming. The Culinary and Hotel/Restaurant Management program aims to improve coordination of tourism/hospitality training, expertise and information across the state, increase culinary and hospitality offerings, particularly in areas with strong tourism sectors and tourism corridors but limited workforce. The mission of the WORTH Initiative is to support, expand, and diversify Wyoming’s economy through the outdoor recreation, tourism, and hospitality industries.



Within the agricultural programs of the Wyoming Innovation Partnership (WIP) initiative, three key programs are in development. The Ranch Management and Agriculture Leadership (RMAL) program aims to enhance collaboration with community colleges, facilitating the creation of a Ranch Management and Agricultural Leadership Bachelor of Science Degree, an internship program, and credentialed seminars. The Precision Agriculture initiative focuses on research, workforce training, education, and outreach to promote precision farming techniques, boosting crop yields and economic returns for farmers. Lastly, the Center for Controlled Environment Agriculture seeks to support the controlled environment agriculture industry by conducting interdisciplinary research and developing modular farming chambers to supply fresh food to rural areas, fostering innovation in the field.



Manufacturing Works, in collaboration with local manufacturers, addresses Wyoming's critical need for a skilled workforce. Their advanced manufacturing programs, led by Manufacturing Works, identify industry needs and develop a tailored curriculum for workforce training. Additionally, Manufacturing Works leverages the Wyoming Innovation Partnership (WIP) to enhance skill-based training for the state's manufacturing companies, providing agile resources for upskilling the current workforce and preparing students. This support empowers Wyoming businesses to adapt swiftly and meet evolving workforce demands.


Workforce Development

The WIP Workforce Development programs offer comprehensive support to students, spanning from recruitment to successful job placement. They encompass a diverse range of training certificates, degree programs, apprenticeships, and internships. These initiatives are adept at identifying the specific needs within communities and have demonstrated exceptional agility in swiftly addressing workforce gaps.