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The Wyoming Innovation Partnership is proud to support the Concept Forge at the Laramie County Community College (LCCC) Advanced Manufacturing and Material Center and the University of Wyoming's Wyrkshop Mobile Makerspace program.

Laramie County Community College and Concept Forge

Concept Forge is an advanced manufacturing and fabrication lab and makerspace at LCCC that was established to serve as a maker-to-market (M2M) fabrication lab focused on closing the gap in the M2M pathway and strengthening Wyoming’s ability to support locally invented and innovated products.

Concept Forge is equipped with:

Learn more and sign up to visit Concept Forge at https://www.lccc.wy.edu/manufacturing/conceptForge.aspx.

Sheridan College and Sheridan Forge

Sheridan College and the Sheridan Phorge makerspace are investing in resources to support the local entrepreneur and manufacturing ecosystem in Sheridan. The college is currently investing in a new Tier 2 and 3 manufacturing incubator to be located inside their new Advanced Manufacturing and Applied Sciences Center.

The manufacturing incubator will work to elevate its ability to support the growing manufacturing hub in the region and is in line with the state’s diversification goals, the Wyoming Community College Commission’s strategic plan, and Sheridan College’s mission and strategic plan. The college has sought and obtained funding from local sources – such as Whitney Benefits and other philanthropic and public organizations – as well as state and federal sources to build capacity with highly skilled faculty, new and renovated facilities, industry-aligned curriculum, and state-of-the-art equipment.

The college’s alignment with regional employers such in the manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, and healthcare sectors ensures that graduates are prepared to enter the workforce with the skills they’ll need for careers in these fields. This is an extension of these efforts to provide technologically relevant training opportunities and make a difference in our community through educational leadership.

Learn more at: http://phorge.co/.

University of Wyoming and Mobile Makerspace

The University of Wyoming’s Wyrkshop Mobile Makerspace program is set to revolutionize STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) education in rural and remote Wyoming communities. Students gain access to cutting-edge technology such as robots, 3D printers, drones, and more, promoting hands-on experience and cross-institutional credentials.

Designed to bridge the gap between rural and urban communities, these mobile makerspaces — crates, trailers, and mobile workshops — offer a flexible and accessible solution. Students can train in a makerspace and gain access to the entire network, participating in free workshops, earning badges, and acquiring marketable skills. Shippable ‘maker crates’ can also be sent directly to schools/communities. The Wyrkshop Mobile Makerspace program is made possible by a WIP investment, demonstrating a commitment to advancing education and innovation in Wyoming, with twenty-two (and growing) educational and community partners engaged across the state.

To learn more about the Wyrkshop Mobile Makerspace program and its impact on STEAM and CTE education, visit www.uwyo.edu/wip/makerspace. Explore the collaborative Maker Access Map program and find local makerspaces at www.wyrkshop.org/map. Join us in shaping the future of education and innovation in Wyoming.