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Advanced Manufacturing remains a significant component of Wyoming’s economic diversification strategy. In order to successfully grow existing businesses, as well as attract new businesses to the state, it is imperative that contemporary training opportunities are readily available to prepare a skilled workforce to meet the demand. 

Riverton, Sheridan, and Cheyenne represent strong communities with a diverse manufacturing base that is growing steadily. As part of this collaborative proposal, Central Wyoming College (CWC), Sheridan College, and Laramie County Community College (LCCC) propose to advance a cohesive pipeline of advanced manufacturing training available in the southeast and north central regions of the state, thus helping to close skill gaps for the manufacturing industry as it advances into the future.

Central Wyoming

Central Wyoming College is working to provide effective trainings their Workforce Training Department, rather than sending individuals from each company out of state to obtain the same training CWC can bring to the area. LCCC will partner closely with CWC to deliver these trainings, and the community colleges have also coordinated efforts to work with UW Makerspace 307 and Manufacturing Works throughout this process, engaging their resources and assistance as needed.

Key trainings that will be offered include:

Sheridan College 

Sheridan Colleges has been working for over two years to address manufacturing workforce training. The program is a culmination of recommendations and efforts from Sheridan College leadership, industry leaders, and manufacturers across the state. Manufacturers in Sheridan County especially have asserted their need for trained individuals to enter their workforce. 

Employment projections from Lightcast indicate that in Sheridan County, available manufacturing jobs will grow by 44% over the next ten years; the more advanced markets within manufacturing demonstrate as much as 95% growth within that timeframe. 

Sheridan College plans to:

Laramie County Community College

The Stage II Advanced Manufacturing and Material Center project at LCCC proposes the identification and purchase of equipment to replicate and provide teaching and certifications in a real-world, smart computer-integrated, work-based learning manufacturing environment. This Smart Manufacturing equipment includes training elements such as industrial maintenance, robotics, control software, and quality control which will be supported by a robust e-learning system which allows for traditional, hybrid, and remote learning scalability options. These options are necessary to meet the needs of the high school and adult learning communities targeted in this proposal.

Key elements of the proposed training will include:

Training and certifications will include both micro credentials in areas such as Robot Operator and Programmer along with industry recognized NIMS certifications in Industrial Maintenance Technology and Industry 4.0 Smart Production.