Wyoming Innovation Partnership



The Wyoming DataHub aims to enhance the discoverability, usability, and interpretability of data. This initiative also is designed to support research endeavors within academic and community circles. Through proactive measures, including the recruitment of a temporary research scientist and library staff, the DataHub has taken steps to bolster its research capabilities. This staff took the initiative to build an external website, marking a pivotal step towards broader outreach and ensuring that the benefits of the DataHub’s work extend far beyond institutional boundaries.

The Wyoming DataHub demonstrates unwavering support for the academic community. Through initiatives like the Demonstration Project mini-grants, with funds of up to $30,000 allocated for data collection and analysis endeavors, the organization empowers researchers to pursue innovative avenues of exploration. Additionally, their investment in instrumentation equipment through the Science Initiative, such as the micron electroscope and phenotyping machine for controlled environment agriculture, underscores a commitment to cutting-edge research and technological advancement within the state.

This multi-faceted approach not only enriches decision-making processes within state agencies but also builds out a strong culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.