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Recognizing the need for enhanced education and resources to support entrepreneurs, the Wyoming Innovation Partnership (WIP) backs efforts to create a robust infrastructure for increasing the success rate of start-ups in Wyoming. With WIP funding, Central Wyoming College (CWC) has been able to support the efforts of the Bootstrap Collaborative and the Fremont County entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Bootstrap Collaborative Center for Innovation (BCCI) is central to CWC's mission, aiming to strengthen the education of entrepreneurs and build a supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem within the service area. This encompasses

The BCCI partners with Makerspace 307, At Work, County 10, and Wind River Development to provide tools, co-working space, web design and marketing consulting, and funding consultation to build a regional entrepreneurial ecosystem, fostering the growth of start-ups and advancing existing companies through innovation.

In Phase I of the WIP initiative, CWC supported internships, hosted monthly workshops and networking events, vetted consultants, and hosted the Teton Leadership Center Kickoff Summit in partnership with Silicon Couloir. The Director of Innovation at CWC oversees these activities, ensuring a comprehensive approach to entrepreneurship education and support. The Bootstrap Collaborative also pioneers new courses, entrepreneurship training for Native Americans, and a "Values-Based Leadership" program in partnership with Silicon Couloir.

Looking ahead, CWC is actively involved in developing new courses and the institution and expanding the Teton Leadership Center. As part of the WIP, Central Wyoming College is committed to driving entrepreneurial success in Wyoming's business landscape.

For more information on the Bootstrap collaborative, visit About Us | The Bootstrap Collaborative.

To learn more about the Teton Leadership Center visit: https://tetonleadershipcenter.org/about/.

To learn more about the Entrepreneurship Program at CWC, visit: Entrepreneurship - Central Wyoming College (cwc.edu).