Wyoming Innovation Partnership



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The Wyoming Data Hub will be a central stop for discovering and accessing research data and associated information products developed by UW and community college researchers. The sharing and re-use of research data will support education and training, new research and development within academia and industry partners, and technology and information transfer to build computational capacity and data-driven decision making for government organizations, new entrepreneurs, and all Wyoming citizens. This unified effort will help spur economic development, strengthen Wyoming’s workforce, support industry, and promote research collaborations.

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The School of Computing creates a foundation for programmatic expansion of data and computing across all nine higher education institutions. The effort will build training and education programs in cybersecurity, big data, artificial intelligence, and their applications. 

Through statewide partnerships across higher education, K-12, and workforce development, the School of Computing will build a workforce pipeline that stimulates the economy through the creation of new talent and research in computing and data, including artificial intelligence and cyber security.

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The establishment of a software development program offers students opportunities to work in this highly skilled field and meet employers’ needs to grow and remain competitive in a technology-driven economy. The program accelerates Wyoming’s goals to diversify the state’s economy. This program began in Phase I and will continue into Phase II to include more students from institutions across Wyoming. The software development program is expected to be the first to utilize the course sharing platform. 

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The objective is to develop comprehensive curriculum offerings with an intriguing look into how blockchain innovation will affect industries, businesses, personal finance, and civilization at large. This curriculum is designed for high schools, community colleges and continuing education and is ideal for blockchain beginners who seek to understand the “big picture” implications and opportunities of blockchain and how it can impact their futures and Wyoming’s economic development - without all the technological complexities. 


A digital credential wallet is a secure tool for managing and storing digital credentials. These credentials may include academic degrees, professional certifications, micro-credentials, and even government-issued identity documents such as passports and driver's licenses. This digital credential wallet will allow students and employers the opportunity to connect in a way never before possible and will provide support for building career pathways outside of a traditional education model. 


In addressing the dynamic landscape of the digital economy, the Wyoming Innovation Partnership (WIP) is at the forefront of fostering a highly-skilled workforce through efforts geared towards digital infrastructure and technology. Recognizing the imperative need for education and training in this evolving domain, WIP has taken significant strides, exemplified by the establishment of the School of Computing at the University of Wyoming, which actively engages students from elementary school onward. 

The commitment to cultivating digital expertise is evident in Phase I's accomplishments, where WIP introduced six new programs. This includes two certificate programs, two associate's degree programs, a bachelor's degree program, and a graduate degree program, showcasing a comprehensive and multi-tiered approach to equipping individuals with the necessary skills to navigate and thrive in the digital frontier. Through these initiatives, WIP helps Wyoming meet the demands of the digital economy while paving the way for the state’s workforce to excel in an increasingly technology-driven world.