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There is currently a severe shortage of Echocardiography technologist in Wyoming and surrounding areas and the development of a new Echocardiography program will address this critical workforce shortage. Offering the Cardiac Sonographer specialization as an auxiliary or advanced program for students credentialed in medical imaging not only meets the states and region’s need for Echocardiographers but also provides an additional path for career advancement and specialization to medical imaging technologists.

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During the pandemic, there has been a shortage of Certified Nursing Assistants. This program has eight approved sites, throughout the service area, to offer the nurse assistant course. Lab size is limited; however, equipment update is a need to support growth and efficiency in the nurse assistant labs throughout the service area.


Healthcare as an industry, and as a primary contributor to quality of life, is central to the state's future.  Growing accredited healthcare education programs across the state in conjunction with building strong relationships with healthcare providers is key to creating a workforce pipeline for healthcare practitioners. WIP Phases I and II support creating and expanding healthcare programs including CNA I, CNA II, Practical Nursing, and Registered Nursing. 


As substance abuse increases across the state there is a need for professionals to help those who are struggling. The program aims to enhance existing programming and create a graduate-level curriculum specific to substance abuse. For current practitioners, this program will increase awareness and interest in meeting this crucial need for Wyoming’s citizens.


The Wyoming Innovation Partnership (WIP) is making significant strides in addressing critical healthcare workforce shortages through targeted initiatives. The severe shortage of echocardiography technologists in Wyoming and surrounding areas is being tackled head-on with the development of a new echocardiography program. This approach directly addresses the pressing need for Echocardiographers by offering an auxiliary or advanced program for medical imaging students, creating additional avenues for career advancement and specialization within the medical imaging field right here in Wyoming.

WIP has also responded to a shortage in certified nursing assistants (CNAs). With eight approved sites strategically located throughout the state, the nurse assistant course is being offered to meet demand. While facing limitations in lab size, the program emphasizes the need for equipment updates to enhance growth and efficiency in nurse assistant labs across the service area. 

In all, Phase I of WIP's healthcare efforts yielded two new degree programs (a certificate degree program and an associate's degree program) demonstrating a commitment to comprehensive and targeted solutions for Wyoming’s healthcare workforce. Additionally, the echocardiography program witnessed a 9-slot increase in capacity, and there was a notable 13% rise in CNA program enrollment at Western Wyoming Community College (WWCC) between fall 2020 and fall 2023, underscoring the impactful outcomes of the initiative.