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Central Wyoming College: Outdoor Education and Leadership

Central Wyoming College (CWC) is actively involved in expanding outdoor recreation and leadership offerings, introducing programs such as mechanical trail construction and mountain bike instructor certificates. These certifications integrate various skills, from interpretative guide skills to wilderness first responder training, preparing students for careers in instruction, sustainable trail development, and natural surface trail systems.

Learn more at: https://www.cwc.edu/outdoored/

Casper College: Search and Rescue Training

Recognizing the high number of critical incidents involving tourists and outdoor enthusiasts, Casper College collaborated with a local certified search and rescue company. The goal was to train search and rescue teams across the state, enhancing safety for those visiting Wyoming. In 2023, Casper College partnered with Peak Rescue to offer Mountain Rescue, Confined Space, and Rescue Training SAR Rope for SRT training to the Casper Fire Department, Evansville Fire Department, Mills Fire Department, and the Natrona County Sheriff’s Department.

Learn more at: Search and Rescue Customized Training - Casper College Continuing Education (augusoft.net)

Northwest College: Outdoor Education and Recreation Leadership

Investing in outdoor education instructional space and curriculum enhancements, Northwest College focuses on outdoor leadership certifications, aerial, climbing, and water spaces. The outdoor program contributes to the local economy through graduates' leadership in domestic and international tourism.

Learn more at: Outdoor Education & Recreation Leadership :: Program of Study :: Academic Programs :: Academics :: Northwest College :: Powell, Wyoming USA (nwc.edu)