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The WORTH Initiative is actively shaping the workforce landscape by supporting the development of new credentials and bolstering existing ones to meet workforce development needs. The initiative, funded in part by the Wyoming Innovation Partnership (WIP), encompasses several key programs aimed at advancing Wyoming's economy through the outdoor recreation, tourism, and hospitality sectors:

Hospitality Track in the B.S.B. in Management Degree:

A new addition to the existing B.S.B. in Management Degree, this Hospitality Track addresses the evolving needs of the industry. It provides students with specialized training to excel in hospitality management roles, contributing to the state's thriving tourism sector.

B.S. Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management:

Launched in 2018 as a collaborative effort between the University of Wyoming, the Haub School, and the College of Business, this degree program has become a cornerstone in preparing students for careers in outdoor recreation and tourism. With over 80 enrolled students, it represents a substantial commitment to developing a skilled workforce for the growing industry.

Hospitality Management Minor:

Designed to complement various academic pursuits, the Hospitality Management minor equips students with foundational skills in hospitality. This minor program offers flexibility for students to integrate hospitality expertise into their broader educational goals.

The WORTH Initiative, with its mission to support, expand, and diversify Wyoming's economy, achieves its goals through diverse workforce training, applied research, and outreach to the tourism industry. As tourism is the second-largest industry in Wyoming, WORTH plays a vital role in the expansion of industry support and engagement.

Learn more at: Wyoming Outdoor Recreation, Tourism and Hospitality Initiative (WORTH) (uwyo.edu)