Wyoming Innovation Partnership



The Digital Credential Wallet, spearheaded by the Wyoming Innovation Partnership (WIP), is set to revolutionize the way individuals showcase their achievements and qualifications. With a focus on enhancing employability skills, computer science (CS) proficiency, and career technical education (CTE) capabilities, this initiative is slated to pilot during the 2024-2025 school year.

By providing a secure platform for managing and storing digital credentials, including academic degrees, professional certifications, micro-credentials, and even government-issued identity documents like passports and driver's licenses, the Wallet empowers workers to curate and share their most pertinent credentials with potential employers and peers. This streamlined approach not only increases efficiency in the hiring process but also facilitates the recognition of individual competencies and strengths.

By collaborating closely with the Departments of Education and Workforce Services, the initiative ensures alignment with statewide education and workforce development goals, ultimately contributing to a more skilled and adaptable workforce in Wyoming. Through this innovative solution, the Digital Credential Wallet stands as a testament to the state's commitment to lifelong learning and career advancement opportunities for its residents.